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    The BlackJack knives Info Pages


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Attention: We are not a dealer. Nor are we the actual BlackJack Knives Company. We are merely Collectors of the brand.

Be sure to check out what's on the site.

If you have questions about BlackJack's I suggest checking out the BlackJack forum at www.knifeforums.com where I am a moderator. There are several collectors that post there.

I have had several people ask if I will add the Condor brand of knives to the site. I have decided to do so. I will need pictures of the various models in order to do this. If you have pictures and would like to see them added to the site please me.

If this is your first time visiting the site or even your second and your not a BlackJack collector but you do collect knives you may have asked yourself why should I collect BlackJack's? For some thoughts on this click on this link. Why BlackJack's?

This is my attempt at gathering and sharing information about knives made by BlackJack Knives. If you can add information to knives that appear on the site or if you see information that is incorrect on the site please contact me. I am also asking for any pictures of knives that were made by BlackJack Knives that you may have. I will of course give credit to those who provide information and pictures. BlackJack Knives are once again being made and marketed by the current owner Ken Warner. Knives can be purchased by going to www.knifeware.com

I thought it would be interesting to add a time line of knives to this page. Jason Stewart was kind enough to provide this information. If you would like to add to the time line please email me.

BlackJack Timeline

1987 – Mamba, Blackmoor Dirk, FM II Kraton

1988 – Anaconda series, Marauder series, Archangel, FM II LW (Zytel handle).

1989 – Warner Moran Bowie, Safari Classic, Wasp, Mini Mamba Custom by Hara, FM III LW (key chain folder), Anaconda II, Archangel in stag, Viking Raider.

1990 – Tartan Dirk, Highland Dirk I and II, Folding Mamba 1 (In two blade shapes Stiletto, and Mamba), Yukon Skinner, Folding Kukri (made only 1 year), Viking Raider, and Spector, FM II in Cocobolo, Warner/Loveless.

1991 – Condor line purchased, Panga, Simba, Blue Devil, Scrapper, Mamba 7-L, variants on original Mamba, Mini-Ace, Texas Bowie run starts, Archangel in Cocobolo, Model 1-7, kampa.

1992 – 77-Z and G Condors, Monahan Stinger, Reinhardt Kukri, BK & T line introduced at SHOT

1993 – Ek knife company purchase. Model 5, Skinner, Hunter. Cripple Creek purchased, Applegate Knife, Brute, Valkerye Axe.

1994 – Cripple Creek barlows and Hunters begin to appear. Last shipment of Japanese knives arrives, Trailguide introduced, BK and T Magnum Camp Knife, Pal.

1995 – Stalker, Woodsman and Chukker appear in full production. Various conservation organization knives are made, National Ducks Unlimited and regional NWTF, to be specific, Vorpal Sword, Flat Ground TrailGuide.

1996 – Blackmoor 2000 introduced, HALO I and II, Squad Leader (According to Jason Stewart they were made in the Summer, possibly June), and Shining Mountain Bowie.

1997 – NWTF National contract for sponsor knife, Squad Leader introduced.


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